2013 – A Year in Review

September – Kaleena Smart Nominated

Kaleena Smart was nominated for the National PACE Association’s 2013 Marie-Louise Ansak Award.  Named for the founder of PACE the award recognizes the ingenuity, hard work and sacrifice of an individual PACE employee who has taken steps over the past year to improve the quality of life for one or more frail older persons.  Congratulations Kaleena!

Novemeber – Noralynn Spiri Nominated

Noralynn Spiri, MSOL, SPHR, Director of Human Resources on behalf of Community LIFE was nominated for the Goodwill Power of Work Award. This award celebrates individuals who create employment opportunities for people with barriers to employment. Noralynn was honored at a luncheon on November 12 at the Westin Convention Center Pittsburgh.  Congratulations Noralynn!

November – The Fine Awards for Teamwork Excellence in Health Care

Community LIFE along Highmark and UPMC was honored as recipients of the Fine Awards for Teamwork Excellence.  Sponsored by The Fine Foundation and the Jewish Healthcare Foundation, the Fine Awards reinforce the critical role teamwork plays in health care.

This year’s focus was “Care at the End of Life,” focusing on helping patients make informed decisions and ease physical, emotional, and financial burdens at the end of life.

The Community LIFE team included Dr. Kalpana Char, Maria DePasquale, Linda Gerheim, Dr. Susan Hoppe, Dr. Emily Jaffe, Stacy Shondeck and Coleen Tarbi.

As a team they presented the quality initiative Honoring Choice.  The vision of the Honoring Choice initiative was to create a best practice that is aligned with participants’ goals and choices and prompted organizational stewardship and ensures the right care in the right place at the right time.  They identified strategies to address processes and improve outcomes and worked to instill a culture of change at the centers.

A Teachable Moment Video can be viewed by visiting http://www.prhi.org/success-stories/2013-fine-awards

Congratulations Community LIFE team!

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